Contemporary Classicism

Introducing a contemporary take on classical luxury with updated colors, construction and unexpected textures. 

Standout Color Trends

  • Shades of amber, brick and vermillion red are a bold, saturated presence. 
  • Bergamot and saffron are a grown-up take on brights that add complexity. 

  • Deep bottle green is a rich and moody take on foundational neutral, and adds depth when used in place of black.

Design Trends

  •  Botanical Beauty – Foliage inspired décor is versatile and can be tailored to suit any interior style. Overscaled fern motifs, Jacobean florals, or just a dose of rich emerald or cactus green bring the natural world indoors.

  • The Art of the Weave – Jacquard tapestry constructions allow for rich, multi-colored textiles that lend old world elegance. The return of tapestry constructions is a departure from the ubiquitous graphic two color designs that have dominated in seasons past.

  • Faux Real – Faux fur is the perfect tactile accent to juxtapose a cool and minimal modern space with depth and coziness. Soft and plush, it looks equally at home layered into a maximal, more-is-more setting.

The key to translating classic style for modern living is performance.