The Nature of Things

Fall 2018 draws inspiration from the current collective desire for design elements drawn from nature, whether in materials, motifs or palettes.

Standout Color Trends

  • Accents of washed black and deep charcoal act as a visual anchor point and bring necessary contrast, especially in a setting dominated by natural tones and materials.

  • Deep turquoise is especially on-trend when paired with the layers of indoor greenery popular for the last few years.

  • The honey and maplewood tones found in caning and wicker looks are also on point when layered via textiles and paint colors.

  • A full spectrum of reds have swished off 2017 fashion runways and into home interiors. Red orange, cherry, lacquer and deep jammy shades are bold but surprisingly versatile when paired with the warmed-up neutrals that have worked their way back into favor over cold greys. 

Design Trends

  • Terrazzo – Right in time for the explosion of the 70’s design revival, terrazzo is making a major comeback. Flecks of marble, quartz, granite or glass are set in a binder like cement and polished to a smooth finish. Terrazzo is cropping up not only in flooring applications but furniture, countertops and accessories, as well. The depth of color and visual texture it provides continues the theme of artisanal, naturally inspired finishes in the home.
  • Eurostar –  Traditional meets modern with interiors starting to take more inspiration from European luxury. Call it slightly faded glamour, the look is a bit decadent, unapologetically chic and unafraid of mixing themes, eras and palettes. In fact, the look is all about the mix. 

  • Curves Ahead – In keeping with the trend towards incorporating Euro-inspired luxury, there has been an influx of softer curves in shapes and silhouettes in all types of design, including furniture, rugs and textiles patterns.

This general desire for naturally inspired materials in the home is evident in current trends.