Principles of Design

This season we are delivering a powerful punch of color and pattern in an easy-to-use package to suit any style and every budget.

Standout Color Trends

  • Pantone Color of the Year 2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity. This surprising blend of two shades offers a warm & tranquil palette; an inspiring take on Color of the Year!
  • Orange is a dominant color force. Persimmon in particular remains on-trend with a vibrancy that manages to feel warm & earthy, lending itself to be used as a neutral. 
  • Coral, a pink-tinged orange, continues to liven up existing color schemes. 
  • Jewel tone pairings gain popularity in modern combos of teal, orange & green. 
  • Red is trending in shades from intensely-saturated imperial reds to warm rust & deep wine tones.
  • Blue surges to the fore in every tone, shade & hue. Indigo, aqua, turquoise & teal have become go-to basics for large-scale pieces & even as the foundation for entire room settings.
  • Green emerges in every shade imaginable, running the spectrum from forest, hunter & pistachio to bright citrine. Olive & sage make a comeback as warm, neutral additions to many palettes, while vintage mint is a cool accompaniment to re-popularized mid-century looks.

Color continues to be the most approachable and dramatic way to update an interior setting.