The New Traditionalist

Damask, treillage and Greek key motifs get a millennial makeover this season with high performance capability and a rich, warm palette as we leave a decade defined by grey. Tie everything together with multi-color textural wovens with a mid-century vibe.  

Standout Color Trends

  • Right in between yellow and green, chartreuse hits the bright spot. 
  • Earthy tamarind brown & warm clay with an orange undertone.
  • Golden yellows play nicely in any palette.
  • Deep & moody hues (Classic Blue, looking at you) ground all of these tawny, rusty shades. 

Design Trends

  • Art Deco – embrace the look with bold & exuberant shapes, sleek materials & saturated colors. Art Deco layers beautifully with more traditional elements to keep interiors anything but one-note.
  • High Performance – “Life-friendly” fabric aren’t going anywhere; easy clean fabrics are transcending trend status at this point and becoming a must-have solution for modern living.
  • Everything Old is New Again – there is a definite shift towards a fresh take on traditionalism, interpreted in a contemporary way, of course; House Beautiful has defined the looks as “Grandmillenial”. Think chintz upholstery, blue & white china, roses as a motif, skirting & tasseling. 

New traditional lives at the intersection of timeless design elements and au courant cool.