Lush Life

This season’s offerings combine luxury with livability as well as on-trend nature-inspired themes and colors.

Standout Color Trends

  • Green is a game-changer: from refreshing grass greens to deeper, darker forest tones, and neutral shades of olive. 
  • Blue, the perennial classic, looks restful in aquamarine, energizes in turquoise, and shows confidence in indigo blue. The combo to watch for this season is navy paired with mid- to forest green.
  • For a fresh glow, tangerine continues to be a favorite, while deeper shades of rusty orange are crowd-pleasers with staying power. 

Design Trends

  • Take it Easy – Fabric trends are revolving around longevity, comfort and livability. Whether that takes the form of performance fabrics or simply soothing tones and a plush hand, comfort and ease are the bywords of the moment.
  • Layer Up – Dimensional, chunky, multi-color weaves rule for drama and depth.
  • Shabby Chic – Heathered, rustic washed linen looks continue to dominate the market.

Trends are revolving around longevity, comfort and livability.