Styled by Life

This season our focus is on performance. We believe the home should be beautiful, but it must also be livable, easy to care for, and worry-free.

Standout Color Trends

  • Blush pink is definitely on the ascent.
  • Kelly greens continue to be a fresh, hot look.
  • Teal and turquoise remain on point.
  • Yellow, along with rich tones of golden ochre, has been popping up everywhere.

Design Trends

  • Bold water color florals in bright palettes add instant drama.
  • Metallic sparkle is everywhere in the form of lurex yarns and shimmery gold and copper tones.
  • Art Deco geometrics and mid-century tropical are looking modern and chic.
  • Globally-inspired designs continue to intrigue; looks range from Southwestern and South American to Japanese shibori. 
  • Velvet and mohair evoke timeless glam and luxury. 

Trends right now are divergent. On one hand we see a simple, more streamlined aesthetic and on the other hand we have trends pushing the limits and heading in a glam direction.