Texturally Inspired

As a counterpoint to fast-fashion and the sterility of readymade and mass-produced home goods, the idea of collection, curation and customization has major appeal. Summer 2018 embodies this idea, with playful textures and palettes that provide a wealth of options and whimsy.

Standout Color Trends

  • Heralded as the answer to the ubiquitous “millennial pink”, shades of lemon yellow are the perfect less-sweet way to decorate with the sorbetto-inspired colors that are ruling the runways and interiors for 2018.
  • Continuing the modern pastel palette theme, tints of green like pistachio work equally well with other soft, tinted colors or more saturated hues.
  • Deep denim and navy tones shift to warmer, more red-based blues. Think vivid delphinium blue with its hint of purple undertone. 

Design Trends

  •  Hue-on-Hue – Color blocking is not a new trend, but a chic twist is to layer with the same hue, whether in a similar or contrasting texture. Picture a heap of tomato and pomegranate red faux silk toss cushions on a rich ruby velvet sofa, or playing with softer tones: pistachio paired with lettuce greens. 
  • Jazz-Age Geos – Geometric motifs are a perennial design favorite, and the current iteration takes inspiration from the opulence of the Art Deco period, with its shapes influenced by Mayan temple designs and the sleek, angular skyscrapers that had started to rise. Geometrics for 2018 are not limited to decor accents; they are especially on-trend when used as an allover application on a sofa or full drapery treatment.
  • Super Weave – Woven textures have been a major design component lately, helping to add an artisanal, more approachable vibe to modern spaces. Wicker, jute and grasscloth-inspired textures bring depth and can be layered, from textiles to wallcoverings and décor accents.

In our tech-driven world, the presence of tactile and textural design elements in our spaces helps lend a more personal and human feel to our environment.