Maximal Style

This season we embrace tactile overload by layering textures in a plethora of constructions. 

Standout Color Trends

  • Stark white is trending towards more complex cream, bone and Dutch white shades. These off-whites provide depth and subtlety, shifting depending on the lighting and shadow of the setting. Creamy shades allow versatility in design and add texture and subtle undertones to lend understated interest.

  • Black styled with brown feels strong and effortlessly chic. Go-to browns for pairing with black are oak, whiskey and caramel tones to give the most contrast. 

  • Greyed-out mineral blue is an easy way to layer color into a space without committing to bolder, high chroma ultramarines or denim blues. This hue is a desaturated teal that is equally useable in modern, contemporary or traditional settings. 

  • Neons: these highlighter-bright hues were seen on fashion runways for upcoming seasons and can be expected to filter into the décor sphere. Lime green, eye-popping pink and saturated orange are couture cool and can be softened by using them in a plush texture like velvet or felted wool.

Design Trends

  • Parallel Lines – Stripes and checks of all scales are firmly back in the collective design repertoire. Versatility is key here, and it’s all about the construction: a rich velvet stripe will have a very different impact than a casual twill stripe. Layer different constructions, scales and hues for depth and impact.

  • Au Naturale – The trend toward natural fibers in the home continues. Cotton, linen, wool, bamboo and hemp add an organic softness with their natural, neutral palette and dry hand. 

  • Pack a Punch – Color blocking and “pops of color” are taking a backseat to multi-color designs that swirl together contrasting hues in one design or motif. Think of the drama a vibrant Moroccan rug adds to a room. Reaching for a multi-color texture or pattern for a large upholstered piece can provide a jumping-off point for the overall palette of a space, and a chance to add truly unique and personal style.

Interior style is surging away from the now ubiquitous cookie-cutter, ultra-minimalist Scandi interiors of years past.